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Frequently asked questions

A typical engagement follows a 5-step process:

  1. We load consumption data, e.g. from your utility or EMS (see below)
  2. Your data is combined with a range of data sources to build ML models of consumption
  3. Our system identifies and prioritizes the most effective savings
  4. Your efforts are registered and verified statistically
  5. We continue to monitor for new savings

The purpose of an energy management system (EMS) is to collect and and visualize raw data from meters installed in the building. Many EMS users have to spend a lot of time looking at the data or manually configuring alarms to figure out when something is not performing well.

Our solution uses existing consumption data, which could be in an EMS, to find and prioritize where to focus your efforts, by combining with many other data sources and data from the entire building network. That means you get more direct value in terms of energy and time saved.

Yes! Several energy professionals use our platform. Our solution is designed to combine the strengths of computers with the experience and skills of human experts.

The goal is to take away the boring task of looking at thousands of data points every hour and allow them to focus on the important aspects of their work - to reduce your energy and carbon footprint.

In contrast to traditional approaches, we don't charge an upfront or integration fee - we will happily import your data and show you the expected value, and even let you try it out for a few buildings, before you have to make the decision.

After that, we charge a simple monthly fee per building. The price depends on the number of buildings and the types of suggestions you are interested in. We always make sure the value is clear and existing customers have seen great ROI already.

Don't hesitate to email us or get started for free, so we can understand how to help you best.

Our company and technology was developed based on the founding team's experience with scalable cloud computing, modern data science and machine learning from some of the largest and most impactful organizations in the world.

In contrast with other players, we LIKE more data and will not charge you more simply for ingesting more data. We know that more data will allow us to deliver better results, thereby increasing the value for you - and yes, we can handle it :)

Yes! There’s three main reasons for this:

  1. We get more consumption data from your buildings as time goes by. This helps our algorithms become more precise, which in turn makes suggestions more precise for your specific buildings.
  2. We continuously optimize our models. It’s in our DNA as a company. New and better models will affect how your buildings are being analyzed.
  3. Our platform already utilizes knowledge of consumption and performance from thousands of buildings. But, we continuously add more buildings to our network - and that new building knowledge will also benefit you.

Yes - our platform is set up to include various different data sources. For some use cases - e.g. within manufacturing - we need more than consumption data.